W E L C O M E!

An effort, a sense of style and a lot of imagination help to create the perfect jewelry,
but what makes it a masterpiece is a unique woman who wears it.

Korkyra jewelry, made by the Zagreb designer Selma Kapetanović, has become in a few recent years a synonym for carefully designed handmade jewelry. Selma's creativity knows no borders, so her Korkyra jewelry is made of various natural materials (including an olive tree and famous stone from Brač), as well as metal, glass, leather and fabric. She uses numerous techniques such as soutache and keranje, a special way of making lace.

Korkyra jewelry is versatile, both visually and technically. There are no restrictions. Every piece of Korkyra jewelry is special and is just waiting for its special owner.

The fashionable Korkyra fashion jewelry is more than jewelry. It represents intrigue, passion, and love at first sight.

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